WWE Survivor Series 5 most worthless matches in History.

WWE Survivor Series 5 most worthless matches in History:- The WWE Survivor Series has drawn attention from people since its inception in 1987, and its main reason is their traditional match, but such matches are not necessarily good results every time, and at the same time it is not necessary that only This match is useless, because sometimes even single matches do not give as good results.

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Today, we tell you about 5 matches which have somehow reduced the dignity of the show and have removed it from the title of the 4 biggest shows of the year.

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1 Survivor Series 1994-Royal Family vs Clouse Family.

In this match, on one side Jerry Lawler, who was in a King’s costume, was accompanied by his companions, who were against Doink Joker and his companions. These matches proved to be the most useless match of the history, not just that year but the entire Survivor Series.

Need to say something about this match?

2 Survivor Series 1997-Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart.

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The fight between Bret Hart and Shawn Michael got a real point when these archers fought in a second match Survivor Series 1997. The match was amazing that it was a great match, and the life of these two wrestlers could prove to be the best, but that end took away everything that could get these matches.

That one end not only spoiled the end of a good match but also eliminated Bret Hart’s career. It was none other than Vince McMahon himself.

3 Survivor Series 2005-Taddy Long vs Eric Bischoff.

Taddy Long vs. Eric Bischoff

There was around when Eric Raw was general manager of Teddy SmackDown, and then in the heat of this, a match was made for the 2005 Survivor Series, due to which both of them had to wrestle together in one ring.

Now that you are thinking, it happened exactly because the result of this match was not going out and neither was it a fancy choice. The match ended when Boogeyman came to conquer SmackDown in this match.

4 Survivor Series 2008-Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Edge.

Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Edge

These matches were originally supposed to be Triple H vs Vladimir vs Jeff Hardy, but Jeff was shown unconscious in the opening of this show, due to which it became a straightforward fight unless Wiki Guerrero did not include Edge in the match. Done

After this, Jeff finally came and tried to beat Edge on the chair, but he missed out on killing Edge and while taking advantage of it, Edge pinned Hunter and named him the championship in his own name.

5 Survivor Series 2013-Randy Orton vs Big Show.

Randy Orton vs Big Show

2013 was the year when Daniel Bryan was considered the most powerful wrestler, and at that time all believed that he would win his story by winning the Survivor Series. However, he did not win anymore and then fans wanted him to be given another chance because he deserved it.

In spite of this, the WWE’s Creative team chose Big Show instead, and on Survivor Series there was a match between him and Randy Orton, but by then the fans had also filed their replies through their heartburn.

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