World Diabetes Day:Today is 14 November World Diabetes Day.

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World Diabetes Day: Today is 14 November World Diabetes Day:- Today is 14 November ‘World Diabetes Day’ is celebrated on 14th November every year. Diabetes, sugar or diabetes is such a disease, which makes people from all over the world feel disturbed. Our changed life style is responsible for this disease, in which there is no space left for physical labor. However, to avoid this serious problem related to health, if we make some efforts on our behalf then we can stay safe all our life. Let’s take a look at the causes, effects and prevention measures associated with this disease.

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These are some symptoms of this disease.

If there is diabetes, the patient gets urine again and again. Along with the urine, thirst begins immediately after the piss.

– Eyelashes are diminished and continuous heaviness is felt.

– There are frequent skin disorders. As such, infections or boils-pimples.

– Being on the body at the place and especially itching on hands and feet or genitals becomes the wound.

-If there is an injury then it does not get cured quickly.

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These are ways to avoid this disease.

– Be physically active. Keep yoga, exercises, and walks [Morning Walks].

– Reduce the use of foods made from flour and sugar.

– Control your weight. Do not eat more fried and fat food.

– Keep yourself calm and healthy mentally. Take care of this.

– Make Analogy-Inverse and Pranayam an integral part of life.

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Keep these things avoided.

– Of course, you have to keep the distance from every sweet thing.

– Do not eat potatoes.

– Keep distance from bread, or banana made from naan, kulcha, noodles, and flour.

– Do not use coconut oil, Arabic and sweet potatoes.

– Do not eat white rice.

– Stay away from drugs.

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Some Important Tips For Sugar patients.

Sugar patients should eat the carrot, tomato, capsicum, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, fenugreek, radish, bhindi, cucumber, turnip, pumpkin,  radish, bathua and bitter gourd, pumpkin and raw banana vegetables etc.

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