Working with HIV / AIDS sufferers does not lead to AIDS.

Working with HIV / AIDS sufferers does not lead to AIDS:- World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1st December. And on this day, many awareness campaigns are also run to prevent this virus and disease. But in spite of this, many people continue to wander around the question about the disease. Because of this, many types of myths are made about this deadly disease. Everyone keeps giving advice to other people according to their knowledge, but people are very much concerned about what is true. We are telling you 6 such things related to AIDS here.

1. Question – AIDS spreads by kissing ?

Answer – There is a very small amount of human immune virus in the saliva of HIV-positive patients, which does not spread in the person who is exposed to the kiss.

2. Question – Can HIV / AIDS spread with water?

Answer-HIV never happens to anyone else by water. The virus does not spread to anyone by bathing in the HIV victim’s swimming pool, washing her clothes and drinking her juicy water. Not only this, this virus does not spread through the use of an HIV-positive shower or bathroom.

3. Question – You may also have AIDS by staying with HIV sufferers ?

Answer – this virus does not spread evenly through the air. So if HIV sufferers sneeze, sneezes or spit around you, you will not get in the grip of this virus. Not only this, you will not even find this virus by touching, hugging and handling HIV sufferers.

4. Question – HIV spreads through mosquito bites ?

Answer – if you cut off the bitten mosquito that is infected with HIV / AIDS sufferers, then this virus does not spread too much. Yes, the mosquito remains vulnerable to many other diseases but HIV is not. Why the mosquito dies itself by this virus.


5. Question – You can have HIV from anyone ?

Answer – It is believed that HIV / AIDS can happen to anyone. But the truth is that this virus spreads only to others and only HIV-positive individuals. Unsafe sex is the possibility of HIV transmission from used injection needles, HIV transmitted blood transfusion or organ transplant. Not only this, if the mother is suffering from this virus during pregnancy, then the child is also HIV positive.

6. Question – Tattoos or Piercing can be HIV / AIDS ?

Answer – in this case, only then is the possible when tattoo or piercing artists use the HIV positive person needlessly to use on you. However, to avoid this, all artists use new needles for every new client.

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