Using these home remedies,you can get back the whiteness of your teeth.

Using these home remedies, you can get back the whiteness of your teeth:- Boys smoke cigarettes and eat Gutkhas mostly appear, as well as smoking cigarettes and eating gutkha have become a common thing for boys, some people are such that when they are explained millions of times, gutkha does not leave food. Which leads to not only affecting health but also on the teeth, whitening teeth gradually disappears. So today we are going to tell you that by living some special home remedies, you can get back the whiteness of your teeth sitting at home.

First of all, you brush the teeth twice in a day, as well as the mouthwash and floss in the mouth once a day. By doing so, the dirt on the teeth will gradually become clean and your teeth will look clean and bright.If you wish, you can also use turmeric for this, you should use mustard oil and salt in turmeric as a brush on teeth, doing so will clear the pallor of the teeth and will also be strengthened. Baking soda also proves helpful in removing yellowishness of teeth from cigarettes and gutkha, for this you will brush the baking soda with a little bit on the teeth after brushing, doing so will clear the teeth.

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