Today when Whatsapp crashes suddenly around the world?

WhatsApp Server Down in english
WhatsApp Server Down news

Today’s date: — 03/11/2017 i.e. Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm, the world’s most famous messaging app Whatsapp is being reported worldwide. All the data of the user using Whatsapp has been automatically deleted. Only the rest of the group is left. Whatsapp user is annoying on Twit Twitter, sharing Whatsapp with no information on Twitter. However, now the services of Whatsapp have started again without any interruption, and now WhatsApp is able to easily send and receive the message to us in India.

Whatsapp Down

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If you go to Whatsapp’s Contact Us page at the moment, this error can be seen here, where there is some error in our Whatsapp service. And we are trying to correct it, and we are absolutely sure that soon This problem will be solved, and we apologize for this inconvenience. All this problem has been caused due to suddenly being down the server, so the users were unable to send any message from Whatsapp nor were able to receive any message. The news of the problem of the sudden happening of this Whatsapp Crash hit people twitter on Twitter.

And there has not been any official statement from Whatsapp on this matter, now Whatsapp is working fine now.

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