Smoking can damage your Health || Tobacco damage to body.

Smoking can damage your Health || Tobacco damage to the body:- Smoking cigarettes are very harmful to health. Smoking is more likely to cause fatal cancers and many other diseases. There are more than 40 harmful chemicals in the cigarette and there are about four thousand harmful chemicals in tobacco that cause cancer. It causes lung cancer, mouth cancer, etc. So let’s know the loss of smoking.

  • According to one estimate, about 6 to 7 Million people die every year in the world, smoking and consuming tobacco.
  • Smoking smoke at home has a negative effect on the health of minors and newborns child.
  • Smoking also slows down blood flow. Due to which the person has a problem in making a physical relation. That means smoking also increases the risk of impotence due to smoking.
  • Smoking more than 20 cigarettes daily increases the risk of heart attack 10 times, Smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes, 5 times the risk of heart attack and less than 5 cigarettes increase this risk by 3 times.
  • Smoking causes serious problems such as cardiovascular disease, cataracts, deafness, stomach and bone diseases, unhealthy wrinkles in the face.
  • The person who smokes comes with a mental weakness.
  • Each mixture of tobacco is productive of cancer.

  • According to an estimate, a cigarette also decreases 5 to 6  minutes of our life. This is not only consumed by his whole family but also his side effects. Despite all the threats, people do not get addicted after all the warnings, while smoking cigarettes while taking cigarettes, when they see the picture of the warnings made on it, then there will be an idea of leaving a cigarette in his mind but after that his addiction The idea is overwhelming.
  • Excessive smoking can cause impotence. Smoking causes adverse effects on the structure of blood. This allows sexual hormones in the body to not function properly.
  • Smoking causes asthma.
  • The possibility of spreading lung cancer to their children due to smoking mother or father increases.

Yes, leaving a habit of smoking is a very big challenge, in which a person should have a strong will and strong plans to deal with.There are many ways by which smoking can be abandoned. Here we are explaining some of the ways that smoking can be avoided.

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