Once again Diana Hayden became pregnant with 3-year-old Eggs.

Diana Hayden
Diana Hayden

Once again Diana Hayden became pregnant with 3-year-old Eggs:- Miss India Diana Hayden 44 years old is once again pregnant. Diana is going to become the mother of twins. It is a special thing that Diana has become pregnant with 3-year-old frozen eggs (protected egg). Earlier in January 2016, he gave birth to a child. At that time Diana had been pregnant with 8-year-old Frozen Eggs.

Gynecologist Nandita Palshetkar said that Diana’s pregnancy proves that my technique has improved further in the last few years. It is a special technique to keep the eggs safe for becoming a mother in the future. Dr. Rishikesh, who worked with Dr. Nandita, said that some time ago this work was quite impossible but now it is possible to do it.

Diana said, ‘Doctors working on IVF technology are like angels for people. This is a boon for others like me who face difficulties in becoming parents. I am going to become a mother of twins and I am also very excited about this. “

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Now, if you talk about Egg Freeze, then it is a technique with which any woman can freeze their eggs and after years, they can be pregnant with the help of these Ages. According to doctors, these ages can be kept in minus 196 degrees Celsius for about 10 years. According to a report, in many hospitals, these Ages cost up to 50 thousand or more.

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Dr. Rishikesh further said, “Many people who suffer such problems do not want to marry either or they do not get the right people. In this case, we have achieved 90% success and have 30 to 40 percent pregnancy rate.”

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