Now the world’s first camera Smart Lock will protect your Home.

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Now the world’s first camera Smart Lock will protect your Home:- Now the world’s first camera Smart Lock will protect your Home:- To protect the home, people are now enjoying smart locks rather than simple lock. They can be opened without a key in the app. But when there are more household members, there is a lot of problem in using them. Considering this, Gate Labs the San Francisco California Electronics Company, has created the world’s first smart lock, which will show live video on the owner’s smartphone when the guest arrives, as well as open it through the app. Will be able to.

Gate Smart Lock will be connected to home Wi-Fi:-

This Smart Lock house will be connected to Wi-Fi. When the guest arrives at the house, when he will press the button in it or move it in front of it, the motion detector will detect it and give it a notification on the smartphone, after which the user will be able to see who came to the house. It has a camera, mic, and speaker which helps in talking with the guest.

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It will also be opened with smart lock password and key:-

In this lock, the trident slot and numerical LED keypad have been given, which allows any member of the house to enter the key by typing the key and typing the number. The company has said that if everything goes according to the plan then it will be made available for sale for $ 349.[Indian Rs.22,536/-]


1] Motion Active Camera – 720p 150 ° View Motion Active Camera Field Live stream video of all activities outside of your doorstep.

2] Physical cylinder – As a backup, you can always lock your door and use your keys to unlock.

3] Connected keypad lock – LED light keypad lock allows anyone to access with entry code Mobile Chime connects you with guests.

4] 2-way capable audio – communicate with real-time visitors.

To download the Mobile App from this website, download it by clicking on the download button below and install it on your mobile.
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