Myths about Santa Claus || Santa Cloud.

Santas Portrait TNast 1881
1914 Santa Claus

The Christmas festival is the first time when Santa comes to mind, the Santa Claus brings lots of gifts and makes us happy. During Christmas you go to any corner of the world, everywhere Santa Claus decorates in a similar way and keeps on sharing the happiness among the children. But very few people know about Santa, rarely any of us know who is Santa, who has come from, and how so popular. There are many myths about Santa in the world, let us know about some such myths: –

Is there a way from Santa’s Christmas festival:-
Santa only stole children on Christmas holidays. During Christmas, Lord is born, there is no connection between Jesus and Santa. Nobody knows about Santa’s origin, people believe St. Nicholas is the real form of Santa. Santa’s charity is only the highest during the festival.

Santa Claus Cover Art

Santa Claus originated from Turkey:-

Whether it is true or not, it is believed that Santa looks like St. Nicholas in the third century’s age. Myra’s pastor was a good man, who used to teach children a lot. It is also believed that the priest gave life to three children with his miracle.

Clothes of Santa Claus

Who designed the Clothes of Santa Claus:-

Santa’s red and white clothes attract everyone. Santa has a big red bag in which there is a snake for children. But until today it was not known that Santa was actually such or his clothes were designed according to the business. These days, Santa’s dress has become a trademark. However, even today, we believe that Santa’s clothes are made of North Pole.

Santa’s Portrait TNast 1881

Santa Claus and his method:-
Santa Claus is in love and affection. There is a lot of love for children in their heart. In many movies we see Santa laughed. In 1890, a writer, Lewis Moi, told about Santa in a book about how he shares and sells gifts to children. The name of this book is Julimandense Bog.

Santa and His Pipe Drawing

Santa has a buck sloth:-
For a long time, it is prevalent among people that Santa divides his chieftains on a sloth, which runs the deer. This is true or just heard, nothing is known about this. But many such stories are heard.

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