IOC launches Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Nagpur.

Electric vehicle charging companies

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

IOC launches Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Nagpur:- To reduce the growing pollution in India, the government is taking a number of major steps, the government’s automobile companies are also collaborating with the government to reduce pollution, which is now making electric vehicles. Charging stations will be made to charge the batteries of these vehicles. In this direction, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has taken a big step. IOC has started an Electronic Vehicle Charging Station to charge the first electric running vehicles in Nagpur on Sunday.

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Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has started charging station cab generator located in this petrol pump in Nagpur in partnership with Ola. IOC is the largest oil marketing company in India. IOC issued a press release which states that Nagpur is the first city in India where electricity-driven public transport model has been implemented.

Tell me that IOC’s Executive Director in Maharashtra, said in a statement that he praises Ola for making an electric vehicle ecosystem in the initial phase in Nagpur and IOC is happy to be a partner in their efforts.

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