Diabetes is not sustainable, this drug will end up with the root cause of disease.

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Diabetes is not sustainable, this drug will end up with the root cause of disease:- If you are a victim of diabetes, the news is good for you. The treatment of diabetes is no longer incurable. Also, medicines and injections will not be too high. Diabetic patients can now take one injection and tablet just during the week. Such medicines have come in the market. That is, consuming fewer medicines can also get control with diabetes easily. According to officials of the Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association, the treatment of diabetes is being made even simpler. Patients will not have to take more medicines anymore. So far, patients had to consume daily medicines.


Diabetes Awareness Program is being organized at ITS Dental College, Knowledge Park. It is being organized by the Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association. Dr. Amit Sharma, Treasurer of the UP Diabetes Association said that the disease control is being done by taking one tablet and one injection of diabetes. He told that one tablet and one injection are enough in a week. Insulin pumps are also present in the market. Insulin can be given with ease from the pump. There is also the oral tablet. He told that there is no diabetic inhaler in the market right now. Actually, it exists in foreign countries. Not yet come to India. They said that efforts are being made to bring inhalers. It will also come on the market soon.


World Diabetes Day is being organized at the place of place in the city. During this time, people are also being told to prevent diabetes, so that people do not become victims of diabetes. Apart from this, patients are being told to prevent diabetes. If the candidates of the Uttar Pradesh Diabetes Association believe that the campaign is continuously being planned in the UP to reduce diabetes. People are being made aware of the defense.

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