Dengue woes continue in Delhi: Latest News & Photo.

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Dengue fever symptoms

Dengue woes continue in Delhi: Latest News & Photo New Delhi:- At least 705 cases of dengue have been reported in the capital in the last one week. By combining these, the number of people affected by the disease increased to more than 8,000.

The report issued by the municipal corporation:- In a report released on Tuesday by the municipal corporation, it has been informed that till 11th November, 1,106 Chikungunya and 855 cases of malaria were registered.

According to the report, out of 8,063 cases of dengue, 4,188 cases are from Delhi, while the number of those coming from other states for treatment is 3,875. According to the report, 7,358 cases of dengue were registered till 6th of November.

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Symptoms of Dengue Fever

1] Signs of dengue after 3 to 14 days.

2]  Sudden cold fever.

3]  A headache.

4]  Body pain.

5]  Do not get hungry.

6]  To be vomiting.

7]  Diarrhea and fatigue.

8]  Red-pink rash on neck and chest.

Dengue recovery rash (White islands in red sea)

Dengue can be easily avoided.

1] Do not let water get accumulated.

2] Keep the glass off in windows.

3] Use the cream to avoid mosquitoes.

4] Wear whole dresses.

5] Do not allow water to be collected around the house,

6] Use mosquito nets,

7] Keep changing the water of coolers,

8] Regular cleaning of water storage.

9] Eat lightly in the fever, use water much, relax completely, do not use the aspirin for fever.

10] Spread the smoke of neem leaves into the house.

11] Keep kitchen and washroom dry.

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Avoid dengue or eat the following things.

1] Drink pomegranate, jowar and wheat grass juice.

2] Consume fresh seasonal fruits.

3] Eat simple foods that do not exceed salt taste. Close the use of spicy things.

4] Drink more and more amount of coconut water and clean water.

5] Foods containing vitamins containing food is healthy. Vitamin C is found in sufficient quantities in lemon, orange, mangosemia, grapes, strawberries, and berries.

6] Make a juice of papaya leaves and drink it two to three times a day, it is believed that the number of platelets increases.

7] Like the papaya, Giloy’s bell is also helpful in keeping the number of platelets in the body regularly.

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