Christmas Tree Celebration History || History of Christmas.

Christmas Tree Celebration History.
Martin Luther’s Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Celebration History || History of Christmas:- The Christmas Day celebration of Christmas Day is of paramount importance in the celebration of Christmas Day, a legend tells how the tree was decorated on this day.

Starting from Christmas day evergreen trees are arranged Celebration tradition in Germany which was prepared and beautiful her father evergreen tree to please a sick child gave him a gift.

In addition, it is also called when all the gods of Jesus were born then gladly have decorated the evergreen tree then began to explain the symbols of Christmas tree this tree and this tradition went prevalent.

Christmas tree (Boston Public Library)

This day is celebrated on December 25. This is called big day. It is believed that on this day the Messiah was born, which is called the God of the Christian Community. Christmas is celebrated for 12 days, thus it runs until January 6.

All religions teach the lesson of love; this is the purpose of this festival, it also gives a message to man to maintain love and faith.

The 12 day festival of Christmas is known as Christmas Tide. These days all give gifts, flavors, cards to each other. Also, these days, Christmas Songs are sung and many countries follow the practice of Santa on this day.

Young children specialize in new gifts from Santa Claus, and on this day Santa fulfills his wishes.

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